Ronald M. Gold appraises commercial real estate in New York City

Ronald M. Gold, ASA, MRICS

New York State Certified
Real Estate Appraiser
License No. 46000000713

190 Riverside Dr
New York, NY 10024

Call: (212) 769-8906
Cell: (212) 662-3500
Fax: (212) 769-8907

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Estate
    • Divorce
    • Forced Sales
    • Bankruptcy
    • Insurance Claims
    • Insurable Value
    • Market Value

Mr. Gold is the ASA Ron Gold Logo past President of the NYC Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and holds their highest level of certification.

An author, teacher, and expert real estate witness, Mr. Gold has more than 30 years experience and is court appointed and tested.

Call Ron today and add your name to this (partial) list of clients: ALCOA, AT&T, Bank of Boston, Bankers Trust Co., Celanese Corp., Chase Manhattan Bank, NA, CIGNA Corp., CITICORP, Columbia Pictures, Coldwell Banker Relocation, Dun & Bradstreet, Eastman Kodak, Eli Lilly & Co., Exxon, the FDIC, General Electric, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, The Governments of the Bahamas Commonwealth, Colombia, Norway, and the Ukraine, HFS Mobility Services, IBM, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Kraft General Foods, LABN-AMRO Bank, MacDonald's Corp., Mobil, Nationsbank, Pfizer International, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Prudential Insurance, Prudential Relocation Management, PHH, RE/MAX Real Estate, Relocation Resources, Inc., The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), Royal Lepage Corporation (CANADA), Salomon Brothers, Shearson Lehman Brothers, State of New York (Attorney General's Office), Time-Warner Communications, Toronto Dominion Bank, U.S. District Court, Newark, NJ (Bankruptcy), U.S. Trust of New York, U.S. Veterans Administration, Walt Disney Corp., Young & Rubicam.

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Added IRS logo to homepage to illustrate Federal Contractor status.
Updated homepage to remove outdated credits, add current ones, as requested.
Removed homepage video slider as directed.
Removed Valuation in a High Tech World from homepage slider and first page of Gallery.
Added Collective Conscious video to homepage slider.
Created YouTube video of Valuation in a High Tech World
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Updated Copyright and Privacy pages to comply with current Google policy.
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Made new, bolder page header.
Added new sitemap.
Replaced navmap menu with CSS menu and updated pages with current contact info, etc.
Created 20 YouTube videos from short MP4 videos from An Expert Prepares. Labeled and tagged for SEO.
Added new, SPAM-proof contact form because of high incidence of SPAM.
Created slideshow of Valuation in a High Tech World, the presentation for the CSI Show. Embedded in homepage.
Set up new AdWords account for
Created homepage alert for May seminar on tips for appraisers testifying as expert witnesses.
Changed ASA logo to new Ron Gold ASA logo.
Updated site menu to remove unneeded links.
Added PBS special "What's It Worth" video to homepage.
Edited Resume page on GOLDAPPRAISALS.COM as directed removing reference to expert witness in bankruptcy case, adding info re: government and Caribbean clients. 11/25/2012
Added copy about insurance claim and IRS loss and damage appraisala.
Added mobile phone number
Deleted references to ERC membership.
Changed Babelfish translation (defunct) to Microsoft translation.
Edited homepage banner. Changed RICS designation throughout to MRICS.
Edited two images from Baruch College, using one on homepage, two on resume.
Added copy re: teaching and Baruch to homepage and resume.
Added complete CV to Resume page, modifying copy and adding RICs link, deleting PDF graphics (now unnecessary).
Updated Google sitemap.
Added AddThis to all pages for social bookmarking.
Created new Google sitemap.
Added Google Analytics.
Added quote from Todd Ross.
Added copy and RICS logo to homepage.
Made sticker for 4/22/07 New York Observer article, Divorce, Manhattan Style.
Made PDF of article.
Added favicon icon (gold star).
Added ToolTips functionality.
Updated homepage.
Added Google sitemap.
Removed Complete and Limited appraisal options.
Added BabelFish translation button to homepage.
Revised homepage to show Ron is an instructor for REBNY and GHREB.
Removed notice of Easement Seminar to homepage.
Added notice of Easement Seminar to homepage.
Added photo of Ron at REBNY to homepage and photo of Ron teaching at REBNY to resume page.
Added photo of Ron teaching at REBNY on resume page.
Added photo of Ron as expert witness on resume page.
Added another unsolicited testimonial.
Revised the Order Form to add referral questions.
Revised the resume pages to link to a testimonial.
Revised the home and resume pages to include Ron's credentials as lecturer at the Learning Annex.
Removed World Trade Center tragedy response page.
Added World Trade Center tragedy response page.
Registered page in search engines and directories.
Revised pages to show current version of IP Technologies' award graphic.
Revised pages to reflect IP Technologies' Top 100 award.
Revised pages to show Mr. Gold is now a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and of the Greater Harlem Real Estate Board.
Revised What's New page to show how the website is made.
Updated some segments of HTML code for compliance with newer browsers.
Changed ASA hyperlinks to reflect new location of their homepage.
Changed references to Mr. Gold to show him as immediate past (1999-2000) President of the NYC Chapter of ASA.
Added Privacy Policy.
Revised copy and meta tags to emphasize Mr. Gold's business.
Changed references to Mr. Gold to show him as past President of the NYC Chapter of ASA. He will become immediate past president on 06/15/2000.
Changed telephone and fax numbers.
Changed references to Mr. Gold to show him as immediate past past President of the NYC Chapter of ASA.
Changed header and footer navigation bar to graphic image map for better search engine registration.
Rewrote META tags to conform to current search engine "rules".
Revised copy to show Mr. Gold is currently President of ASA Chapter #30.
Corrected business address to 190 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10024.
Added to list of weblinks.
Web site posted.
Added Divorce Source to links page, corrected reference on ASA News page.
Rewrote titles and meta tags. Analyzed pages, compared leaders.
Rated site with RSACi.
Registered site with search engines and directories.
Revised the ASA News page to provide additional information.
Added details to the Resume page.
Added the links page for related web sites and books.
Added the ASA News page to provide information about New York City Chapter 30, of which Ron Gold is President.
Revised hyperlinks to off-site pages to open in a new browser window.
Revised the Professional Resume, editing and adding graphics, etc.
Revised the Appraisal Order Form.
Added recommendation form to clients page (to be repeated on additional pages).
Replaced Ron Gold's home page image.
Added access counter to home page.
Added ASA logo to all pages.
Moved the web site to its new server, with revised home page, new clients page, link to the Real Estate Forum.
Added this page.